Nu Thinking

Emerging wetlands along the Providence River waterfront with a mute swan taking in the view. Unintended ecosystems at work in the city. Providence, RI. 

Welcome to Nu Thinking! We are glad you found us.

Over the next year we will be using this space to maintain an ongoing conversation about the field of ecological design and innovative wastewater treatment. We will be sharing readings and articles that we find of particular interest.

As we develop this business we have been taking the time to not only stay current with interesting new projects and technologies but to also look back at the important work that has been published over the past decades.

For us one of the recurring themes in ecological design is the tension between new technologies and low-tech, sometimes ancient techniques. How do we create a wastewater ecosystem as efficient and multi-functional as natural wetlands but compatible with the current scale and density of the urban environment?

We believe the current water crisis requires a transformation in how people understand and live with wastewater. We believe wastewater treatment has a major role to play in creating vibrant public spaces and establishing cities in balance with the natural environment.