Ecological onsite treatment is a LOW ENERGY and BIODIVERSE process. By treating wastewater to tertiary standards, these systems allow our clients to reuse water onsite, reduce potable water demand and provide a high level of protection for neighboring aquatic environments.

The use of ecological design principles allows us to re-position wastewater treatment at the heart of PUBLIC SPACES. Wastewater forms the basis of a water-purifying aquatic food web and supports the growth of plants and animals. These systems create a unique environment that welcomes and engages visitors.

During the last 150 years urbanization, agriculture, deforestation and manufacturing have profoundly altered the health and character of natural water bodies throughout the US and around the globe.

At Nu we apply CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH, RIGOROUS ENGINEERING and modeling and the PRINCIPLES OF ECOLOGICAL DESIGN to take on novel water treatment challenges including:

  • Prototyping low impact sanitation in developing communities
  • Custom public educational installations
  • High level waterfront and stormwater planning
  • Lake-scale nutrient management strategies


Ecological onsite treatment systems have been used successfully to achieve the following: